Thursday, February 19, 2009

Local Wood

Last Friday ago I shared a video of Smiley on his new scooter. That was also a day when we had another cord of firewood delivered.

For anyone interested, here is the contact information...

Wood 'N Things (Wooden Toys)
Norm Webb
Springfield, OR
(541) 744-0299
Norm makes many children's toys besides the scooter. Smiley also has one of Norm's small dump trucks, a toy which satisfies both a desire to push and a desire to put things in and out of a container. Norm sells his toys at local crafters' markets and out of his home.

Hardwood Firewood
Gilbert Yearous
(541) 942-5873
Gilbert sells mixed hardwood for less than $200 per cord or fir for less than $150 per cord. His "cord" is larger than a true cord. The hardwood is exceptionally well-seasoned and burns well when our stove is set to the lowest air flow -- with his wood I only light the fire about once per week and just keep it simmering with a trickle of wood, and this produces enough heat. This is the wood we normally burn.

Fir Firewood
James Van Wormer
(541) 914-1072
James has an interesting setup. He buys kiln-dried, clean fir logs intended for companies that build log cabins. Another middle-man trucks these logs to him. He cuts them into firewood and sells them. The result is expensive fir ($200 per cord, for a true cord) but it burns like most hardwood. If I turn up the stove after dinner I can go to bed after switching to the lowest air flow confident that there will be hot coals in the morning. To heat the house requries medium air flow during the day, so I use up this wood faster. The wood is also completely clean: no bark, no bits, nothing on the carpets. If Gilbert is out of hardwood, I'll call James.

UPDATE: Norm and James have not responded to phone calls since 2010.  I hope they are simply retired, and still happy and healthy.  Gilbert still sells firewood but has slowed down his operation so much that he usually has a waiting list.  My new source of firewood is Steve Wright, who sells madrone as blogged here.

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