Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stimulus Monitoring

Is not helpful enough? Try Stimulus Watch!

Should I worry that even these two websites are an example of a private effort (four people) doing a better job than a vague and unhelpful government attempt?

UPDATE: More here about how Congress cannot track the simulus money well.

UPDATE: In early May we learn that the Federal government will not have its data until October, that even then the data only examines state and city (not contracting company), and that will not be complete until Spring 2010.

UPDATE: Also in early May someone prepares a chart showing that the economy is still behaving as if there were no stimulus plan.

UPDATE: In late May, news of no news from New Hampshire.

UPDATE: At the end of June, the way to count "jobs created or saved" is unveiled, and is an Orwellian delight of misdirection and blame-passing

UPDATE: Also at the end of June, a look at jobs, gender, and stimulus spending.

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