Sunday, February 15, 2009

Geert Update

Last month I mentioned events surrounding Geert Wilders as an example of unfairly applying "tolerance" and "free speech" to only one party in a shouting match.

He continues to serve in that role, now for England.

I'm not worried about this happening in the U.S. We are simply too violent and weird. Our nation thinks anarchists are cool and dissent is patriotic. We even have an entire demographic named "survivalists" whose love of individual freedom is only matched by the size of their personal arsenal.

In many countries the message "don't annoy us or we'll get violent" is threatening. But I expect that in the U.S. it would not work since the obvious reply of acting even more loud and obnoxious is so natural. Before there was enough social momentum to cower or fight back there would be a new trend of people who support free speech on alternate Mondays by using random empty SUVs at shopping mall parking lots as target practice from a dozen blocks away.

Sigh. I can't find online those Dilbert cartoons where Dogbert gets his way simply by being really loud.

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