Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chgowiz's Blog is Mostly Dead

One of my favorite RPG bloggers, Michael, Shorten of the oldguyrpg blog, has stopped blogging.

He also took down his blog (archive.org has none of his posts!) and removed the items he was selling from rpgnow.com and lulu.com.

Great sadness!

Readers of his blog know that the past year has been difficult for him in many ways. If you enjoyed his blog and want to send him a note of well-wishes, you can visit the blog's Google cache and from there get to his PayPal donation page.

The classy thing to do is to send him a "thank you for all the nice blogging" farewell present. Less classy would be to notice and use his e-mail address, which he avoided putting on his blog. Even less classy (but probably most popular) would be to chime in on other blogs.

Michael has not entirely disappeared from online discussions of old school gaming. (I am unsure if he will continue his occasional guest-posting on other blogs.) It is nice to see that he and his wife continue to enjoy their hobby!

UPDATE: He's back!

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