Saturday, March 06, 2010

Favorite Flowery Teas

I've long known I like oolong teas, as well as tea with a hint of floral (jasmine or osmanthus). Only recently have I discovered teas that do both!

Last August my wife got me as a present some Gui Hua Dan Chong (osmanthus oolong) from a local fancy tea store. For a long time this was my favorite tea. Now it has a rival: Stash's new Magnolia Oolong Tea.

Both look pricey, but floral oolongs are so strongly flavored that I can steep each use of tea leaves at least twice. So per cup they are no more than less schmancy loose tea.

My favorite tea is floral but not oolong: Stash's Che Sen Lotus green tea. I would probably like a lotus oolong even better, but have not found any for sale.

(Tangent: Firefox's spell checker does not know oolong or schmancy? Poor Mozilla crew!)

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