Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Favorite Chocolate

Earlier this month I wrote about my favorite flowery teas. Time for chocolate!

I'm almost done eating my Valentine's Day chocolate. This year my wife got me 14 different chocolate bars, one for each year we have been married.

This gift surprised me, since I'm quite happy with one kind of chocolate. My habit is to fill a pretty tea cup on Sunday with Ambrosia brand chocolate chips from CostCo. I snack on them throughout the week, and on Shabbat I get to splurge and finish the bowl.

Having more chocolate around did increase how much of it I ate. Poor me!

Most of the different kinds of chocolate bars were interesting but nothing special. But two of them were utterly amazing, with a fruity aftertaste that complimented the dark chocolate intensity.

The first was a single-origin bar from the Dominican Republic made by Dagoba chocolates, the conacado.

The second was a single-origin bar from Columbia made by Santander chocolates, their 65% Dark. It was amazingly fruity for unflavored dark chocolate, almost like drinking wine.

UPDATE: I don't usually finish the bowl of chocolate.  If I did, that would be about 120 grams--560 calories per week.  However, I do eat a little bit of other junk food, so overall it is probably about 600 calories per week.

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cayswann said...

Fourteen years now!?! Oh my goodness. It's hard to believe it's been that long. Mazel tov, dearheart.