Monday, March 01, 2010

Desktop Backgrounds

Today I made a new desktop background.

Smiley really likes looking at the moon. He enjoys reading Goodnight Moon and Moon Mouse often. Since I could not find a photograph I liked of the moon above the horizon, I'm using the famous photogram Earthrise from this site. On one side I put the Kaddish, from here.

My previous desktop background was the Ground Squirrel Praying photograph here.


cayswann said...

I *adore* making desktop images from space and sky photography. I highly recommend "Astronomy Picture of the Day" ... which does not have its own RSS feed, but someone built one here:

Some of the best images: - Large moon - Moon and planets at sunset - big sunset - tiny moon reflected - moon with clouds - (faint) crescent moon & venus - castle and moon - Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars - Large moon over Alps (my current desktop) - iconic blue marble - Moon rise, huge - sunset w/ smilie face in sky - LA skyline w/ smilie face

cayswann said...

Oh, and for more Smiley-friendly images, you might want to subscribe to National Geographic's Photo of the Day: