Monday, March 01, 2010

Newest Audiobook for Bedtime

In February I mentioned some free H.P. Lovecraft audiobooks. I enjoyed the five I downloaded.

My favorite was one version of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Partly I enjoyed it because is it one of my favorite Lovecraft stories (I enjoy his suspenseful chases more than his foreboding descriptions). Mostly it was my favorite because it was useful: unlike this other version, the first version was narrated by someone who did a substandard job with no animation in his voice at all. That made it perfect for helping me fall asleep: within ten minutes I was missing sentences, and a few minutes later I was asleep.

This was my first experience with a poorly narrated audiobook. Since I did not really want to listen to Innsmouth again I tried to find another of monotonous caliber.

My new bedtime story is The Pilgrim's Progress. It's a delightful story yet also perfect for the desired job.

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