Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pesach with Post-Nasal Complications

Poor little Smiley has a terrible cold. His nose has been running like crazy for two days.

My family has enjoyed two nice mini-seders on these first two nights of Pesach, but just the three of us. We had to tell the friends we invited to our house to stay away to avoid getting sick.

Smiley has been trying to dutifully blow his nose enough, but his nose is too runny for his efforts. Having mucus in his stomach is making it difficult to keep food down, or nap for more than 90 minutes. He is seldom in the mood to eat, and is emotionally clingy and fragile.

Poor kid. When he doesn't want frozen blueberries or hot chocolate, we know he's really out of it.

The only silver lining on this cloud is that we got more of his videos processed and put online. (When he's sick I am more willing to let him watch little movies on the computer.)

Happy Pesach! May you and yours be enjoying both holiday and health!

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