Sunday, March 07, 2010

Friends in the Local News

Recently our friend Annette Pershern of River Bend Farm was in the local paper. We do our main-season CSA with her farm since it offer more fruit, and a late-season CSA with Winter Green Farm to get squash and other "storage vegetables". During the off-season she has been successfully been experimenting with adding baked goods and other options to her farm's repertoire.

Last weekend we purchased some hellebores from Northwest Garden Nursery, which as also in the local paper. Mariette O'Byrne is quite a character. She is the country's foremost hellebore breeder and she loves her plants like babies. She was flooded with business after the article was published. She normally only sells plants that have bloomed, so customers know exactly what they are purchasing and will never have complaints. Thus it was a new and unwanted experience for her to have a weekend wave of customers who just wanted some hellebores, and were eager to purchase even plants that had not yet bloomed (the flower's color and single/double nature would be a surprise). She delayed this as long as she could, not wanting anyone dissatisfied with their purchase, but eventually gave in when she saw how much her refusing was also causing dissatisfaction. Poor her! In her mind it was like sending foster children randomly to desperate homes.

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