Monday, July 05, 2010

Ah, Luxury!

Last night I finally finished writing (for now) the first two sections of the RPG setting, about religion and the intelligent races.

Next I will deal with the monsters, of which I have two separate drafts, both so rough I fear the corners will cut the pixels on my laptop screen.

But not today.  Smiley napped for three hours.  I spent one hour in the spa (which we keep at 100 instead of 104 degrees to safely allow for long soaks) and my back feels so much better.  Then I read inside.  I do not read as fast as my wife: during two and a half hours I read 200 pages of a Mercedes Lackey novel.

My writing has taken up so much of my free time this year that I can only remember reading three just-for-fun books.  Goodness that feels nice to do so much reading, to simply rest in something that someone else has created for others to enjoy.

And I am looking forward to creating a bunch of silly yet suspenseful monsters.  Perhaps that will start tonight.

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