Monday, July 05, 2010

More Cute Smiley Talk

Smiley had developed quite a sense of imagination and pretend, but is a very literal little boy.  When I ask him what he drew on his doodle pad, he normally answers "An octopus" since that and spiders are the only things he knows that look sort of like lots of crossing lines.

When I went into the nursery to greet Smiley this morning, he was sitting cross-legged in his sleep sack with his hands in his lap.
"What is in your lap?" I asked.

"Food," he replied.

"What kind of pretend food are you eating?" I asked.

There was a long pause.  "I don't know what kind it is," he said.
Not laughing was tricky.  I sometimes guess wrong about how specific his pretend play is, but so far can always tell by his conversational pauses when he had details in mind before my questions and when he is improvising an answer to satisfy my curiosity.  But this was the first time he simply ended the conversation by choosing ignorance or lack of creativity.

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