Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old McDonald

Smiley loves the song Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

Unlike most toddler songs, YouTube has an excellent video for this one, performed with a flannel board by librarian Kelsey Coulter at the Worthington Libraries.  She does the song great, with motions and dramatic pauses so Smiley can shout out the name of the next animal.

Her video for Three Little Pigs is okay, but not performed as well.

There are other Old MacDonald Had a Farm videos, too.  This one uses puppets, which would work well if it also used pauses to beg for audience participation.  This one mixes farm photographs with cartoons, which is nice, but it changes the song so Smiley has trouble singing along.  This one equates farming with jogging.  This one is cute but strange, so not yet for Smiley.  The award for wierdest goes here.

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