Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Nice Day Numbering Eighty-Something

I am not teaching at LCC this summer.  Unlike last summer, my family is not saving up for a big purchase.  My plan was to use the summer to reestablish my good habits: running in the morning, prayer time each morning, using the weight bench after breakfast and when Smiley has his nap, and having a more regular waking up and going to bed time.

So far that plan has been an utter failure because of an unusually severe pollen season.  For most of the past four weeks the grass pollen counts have been above 600, and often over 800.  (Anything over 200 is "very high".  The Willamette Valley has a lot of grass pollen.)

So I have been congested, headache-ish, and tired.  But no more!  It seems that the end of last week ended the grass pollen season, and grass pollen counts are now down to about 80.

Coincidentally, this week the temperature is also in the 80s.  I suppose things could have been worse.  What if late June and early July had pollen counts of 60 to 90 and temperatures of 800!

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