Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My Diceless RPG Goes Public

So, having written a new RPG that fills a needed niche (designed for two people), how do I share it with the world?

First I submitted it to online lists of free RPGs maintained by Chris, John H. Kim, and Lance Alan Dyas.

Then I asked for constructive criticism on the forums of Story Games, EN World, Thousand Monkeys Thousand Typewriters, RPG Laboratory, and (also here incorrectly, which turned into a discussion of HTML versus PDF).

Finally, I use my own blog.  Constructive criticism, please!

(For those who are interested, Chris's list generates as much traffic as everyplace else combined.)

UPDATE: Amazingly helpful feedback here at


P.D. Magnus said...

Arg. Typos.

In your examples of play, the players refer to their characters in the third person; e.g. "Did Jandiz see what happened?"

Lots of rulebooks do this, but it has always struck me as an awkward misrepresentation. I have never played with a group that did not refer to their characters in the first person; e.g. "Do I see what happened?"

David V.S. said...

That was a purposeful decision that is eventually explicitly addressed.

Since my RPG happens to be appropriate for children, I wanted to make it inoffensive to parents.

In my personal experience, I have met parents opposed to magic spells and to becoming very emotionally invested in a PC. So all but one of the examples are third person, and the setting has enchanted items and transmutery but no magic spells. (The word "magic" never appears in the setting's description, only being used to broadly discuss technology and steampunk.)