Tuesday, July 13, 2010

D&D 4e

A week ago I mentioned soliciting feedback for my RPG.  About 300 people went the game's webpage.  About 10 looked at it for more than ten minutes, and another 15 for three to ten minutes.  Only one provided helpful feedback, but his was lengthy and incredibly helpful.

Saturday I spent several hours working on edits, but have much work remaining to untangle how I inappropriately mixed together setting-generic and setting-specific material.

But now I'm taking a break from typing up my game, since at the library this morning my hold request for the D&D 4e Player's Handbook 1 finally arrived.  This is exciting!  During my elementary school years I spent countless hours playing Advanced D&D.  Then in high school I switched to RuneQuest, and in college to various systems I created.  In graduate school I played a few hours of 2nd Edition D&D, but not enough to get a sense for anything beyond what applied to a single, low-level character.  So I pretty much skipped both 2nd and 3rd Edition.  It's like re-meeting a childhood friend and learning how much about the person has changed.

(I've read online about the problems with 3.5e and how 4e is as much like a MMORPG as traditional D&D.  Call me naive, but I am still eager to enjoy this 4e book.  Perhaps I'm clueless.  Perhaps I'm old enough to trust that people prioritizing storytelling can use just about any game mechanics.)

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