Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Oil Changes

Smiley continues to be fixated on oil changes.

Every naptime and bedtime he wants a "Broken Car Story" as well as an Uncle Nathan Story and a Bubba Story.  (I often cheat and tell a story about Nathan or Bubba taking a car to the mechanic.)

He delights that the pretend fire truck in Amazon Park is easy to get under, making it ideal for pretending to do an oil change.  Although we have not filmed it, he also gives the sitting room's love seat an oil change when either chair is reclining so the footrest is up.

I also once let him watch that YouTube video that before was too boring, and he was fascinated by the entire thing.

I have no idea why he finds oil changes and broken cars so fascinating.  It's not like we are trying to direct his attention to boyish things.  His favorite colors are green, orange, and pink.  (He has no pink clothes, for which I am now doubly grateful.  With his long hair he is mistaken for a girl often enough anyway, so it seems polite to strangers to avoid pink.  But I shudder thinking about if he could pick out clothes that mix green and pink, or orange and pink.)

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