Saturday, December 18, 2010

Eleven Scissors

Before I met my wife, I lived in an apartment and did not own any scissors.  I used a very sharp folding pocket knife for those household tasks that normally require a scissors, such as opening packaging.

To me this was a humorous, small virtue.  I prefer to own as few things as possible.

I still do, although the goalposts have moved quite far now that I am a homeowner and parent.  My wife, however, does not share this preference and in this matter usually gets her way.

The other day I was curious and counted.  We now own eleven scissors.

Two live in the kitchen: one for household tasks and one for use with preparing food.

Two living with sewing supplies: an expensive pair dedicated to cutting fabric and a small sewing scissors for cutting thread.

Two live in the bathrooms: a small cuticle scissors and a normal size scissors dedicated to haircutting.

Five are art supplies: three craft scissors with interesting designs for trimming paper with fancy edges, and two blunt toddler scissors for Smiley.  (We didn't mean to get him two.  I bought a pair during the past year, forgetting we already owned a pair from my preschool teaching days.)

Life can be strange.

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Heather said...

Scissors are one of those things that I can never keep handy, regardless of how many pairs. The kids tend to make them disappear, despite my having specific spots for each pair.I have 3 special pairs--1 for kitchen stuff, 1 for my art desk, and 1 for my sewing machine drawer-- and all three tend to disappear even though the kids each have their own.