Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yeshua, Rude to Infants

I just wrote about Smiley's fondness for Thomas the Train, and how he is interacting with those stories.

Here is amusing anecdote about a social lesson Smiley is learning from the Railway Series.

As background, you will need to know that a common theme in many stories is that locomotives who are rude to the "trucks" (freight cars) get pushed and jostled by the trucks and become stuck or crash, but when a locomotive is polite the trucks cooperate and are more friendly.
Smiley: [Pointing to the cover of one of his toddler Bible books] This book has Yeshua holding a baby.

Me: Yes, it does.

Smiley: If Yeshua is rude to the baby, the baby won't be friendly.

Me: [Pause...] Yes.  If Yeshua is rude, the baby will not be friendly.
I decided it was wisest to wait on any comments about the likelihood that the Son of God would be rude to infants.

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