Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Quart of Hot Cocoa

The San Diego Zoo is the only zoo in the country with a skyway.  That's Smiley's favorite part of the zoo.  And the broken escalators (out of service due to the recent rainstorm), which he obsessed about for some unfathomable reason.

Speaking of the rainstorm, the smelly zoo exhibits were not nearly as pungent after a recent rainfall.

I found out that my wife's souvenir mug with flashing lights not only had free refills for her coffee, but for hot cocoa as well.  I did share my hot cocoa with Smiley, refilling his big sippy cup twice.

I would link to Flip videos of Smiley at the zoo, but the internet connection here is so slow I cannot upload anything that large.  Which is a shame, since I have 25 edited videos to upload besides the 15 short zoo videos from today.

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