Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pathfinder Zaniness: The 360 gp Magic Item

I recently wrote about a 7 gold piece magic item in Pathfinder.  That trick took advantage of how an item's price is reduced to one-fifth if it only works once per day.

Does that great sale price have any practical benefit?  Sure!

The game has some really useful first-level spells, such as enlarge person, mage armor, shield of faith, obscuring mist, and command.  The party's spellcaster would be much more effective it he or she only memorized these, since they will probably be used up each day.

The other party members can help with this goal by each buying a command-activated daily-use body-slot wondrous item with the first-level "buff" most needed by the character's class.  These only cost 360 gold pieces, and together relieve the spellcaster of trying to be a Swiss Army Knife with lots of tools the party might need, but probably not daily.

A Fighter could get a headband with feather step.  A Rogue could get a necklace of negate armoa.  And so on.

Naturally, the villains should also use this trick.  Surprise the heroes with an enemy mook who has a daily use of true strike and a net!

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