Monday, December 20, 2010

Picasa Re-Do

All the links to our 2010 photos in our Picasa album are about to change!

I do not think anyone cares.  I expect that any family and friends who enjoy our photographs either look at these on that web page or save copies to their own computers.  I would be surprised if any place besides my own blog links to the photos.

But, in case anyone has bookmarked them, or something, you have been warned!

The culprit is file size.  Early in 2010 the Picasa software stopped working on my Ubuntu laptop.  Initially this seemed to not matter, because I could upload photos using the Picasa website.  However, the website uploads larger-sized versions of the photos.  (Our 2009 album uses 204 MB for 610 photos.  Our 2010 album uses 284 MB for 303 photos.)  To avoid needlessly using our allotment of free storage space too quickly, I am going to delete all the current photos and upload them again using the Picasa software.  I only have 15 blog posts that include the photos, so this chore should not take too long.

UPDATE: All done. The new 2010 album takes 99 MB instead of 284 MB. Perhaps Google will continue adding free Picasa space faster than we use it, and we'll never need to pay anything or switch to another photograph sharing site.

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