Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Index to Shamus Plays WoW

The other day I visited Shamus's blog to show my brother the cool and soothing video of Pixel City, and realized that since my brother plays WoW he might appreciate Shamus's latest fan fiction endeavor.

However, I discovered that the series was nontrivial to track down.  When Shamus finishes a series he typically writes an blog post indexing its entries, but he has not yet finished.  So here is my own index of "Shamus Plays WoW" to help my brother.
  1. It's an Imp's Life
  2. Toiling in the Kobold Mines
  3. Into the Bandit's Den
  4. What Happens in Goldshire
  5. Another Day, Another Mine
  6. Overwhelmed by Kobolds
  7. The Cataclysm Begins!
  8. Lazy, Star-Crossed Lovers
  9. No Murlock, No Wedlock
  10. Murlock Madness  
  11. What?  More work?
  12. Hogger!
  13. Crime and Punishment
  14. Thinking Inside the Box
  15. The Final Quest 

(Shamus's categories mix the series up with a lot of other Escapist posts, and searching the blog is cumbersome because sometimes Shamus titles his posts using the full name "World of Warcraft" and sometimes merely "WoW".  Putting together this index only took a few minutes, but that was more time than I wanted to spend while my brother had to wait.)

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