Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mall Scavenger Hunts

I am trying to brainstorm fun and interdisciplinary mall scavenger hunt items.  My friends with older kids could use these on rainy days when their children are bored.

Items can require internet research, since our local mall has an Apple Store whose demonstration computers could be used during the activity.
Here is an example list.  It's not great, but it will show what I'm thinking about.

What are other good items for kids to look for?

Where in the mall is...?
1. (Biology) - an example of Ursus arctos
2. (Business) - an advertisement that uses bandwagon
3. (Nutrition) - a lunch or dinner main dish with less than 30% of its calories from fats [an example in a book counts!]
4. (Visual Arts) - an illustration that uses foreshadowing
5. (Economics) - a store whose stock price has outperformed the S&P 500 during the past month
6. (Religion) - an advertisement or retail product whose artwork contains a reference to a text a religion considers holy
7. (Health) - an eye chart
8. (Business) - an item priced with a chain discount
9. (Business) - a store that uses markup on cost, and another store that uses markup on selling price
10. (Visual Arts) - a golden rectangle

And bring back to the host...
11. (Mathematics) - a mall map on which the center of gravity of the mall's exterior walls has been marked
12. (Chemistry) - an example of NaCl
13. (Politics) - the name of a mall customer able to correctly identify five differences between President Obama's and Ron Paul's visions for our country
14. (Music) - after asking at least five mall customers to chant "air ball..." identify if the phrase is usually a major or minor interval, and usually a third or fourth

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