Saturday, October 01, 2011

Smiley's Weapons

Even toddler Bibles have swords, bows, and arrows.  At the beginning of the summer Smiley began asking about these.

So my wife and I made him a pair of boffer swords.

He is still too young to learn the Four Rules of Boffer Sword Safety, which is okay.  He and his friends do not move fast enough or hit hard enough to be dangerous.  At this point the one rule "Swords hit legs" is sufficient.

He likes them.  They are a great way to be energetic outside.

I also retrieved from the garage my children's bow an one arrow.

Smiley was able to notch the arrow next to the bead attached to the string, but then lacked the coordination to shift how he held the bow or draw back the arrow. Perfect!

The bow and arrow are now back in the garage, having served their purpose for now.

Both types of weapons helped him continue to learn the difference between tools and toys.  In general, tools have more rules, have one way to properly use them, and are less indestructible.  Tools need more respect.

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