Saturday, October 01, 2011

Unremembered Loss #25

Douglas Clarke, a cousin-in-law, publishes a monthly newsletter named Unremembered Loss about what he is learning as a writer.  He does not write much, but he writes worthwhile stuff well. 

Some issues are about technique.  For example, issue #24 was about writing a strong opening paragraph.  Other issues are about his personal growth either as a writer or as a father who tragically lost a teenage son.

Most issues are two pages.  Some months almost half of the newsletter's text is examples cited from his own novels and short stories, included to make his commentary clear.

The latest issue is #25, which discusses how he wrote this short story.  Its lessons directly apply to writing a short story about any life lesson.

If you like making up short stories, writing, or reading about someone's personal growth, consider subscribing.  Unfortunately, Douglas does not update his Unremembered Loss archive page well, so you do need to subscribe to reliably get new newsletters.

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Douglas G Clarke said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the post. My archive can be found two places and contain all of the back issues.