Monday, October 17, 2011

Washer Magic

Most folks who own front-loading HE washing machines use too much soap.  Residue can build up, causing a bad smell and perhaps even bad performance.

I've written before about how for years we have been using Allens Naturally, a very gentle soap, and only half the jug's recommended amount.  From that old post:
We had the last annual free maintenance on our washing machine. The repair guy taught us to run the machine empty on the "pre-rinse" cycle every few months to check for soap buildup. If this test cycle was sudsy then we were using too much soap.
Back in 2008 we ordered a box of six Washer Magic bottles for machine maintenance.  That repair guy recommended them.  "Use it any time bubbles remain after the washing is done."

Earlier this month we used the first bottle, more than three years later.  Hooray for Allens Naturally!

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