Thursday, June 10, 2010

College Loan Bubble?

Today Instapundit had yet another post about the college loan bubble, and it was the nicest summary I've yet seen describing the problem.  TaxProf also started a discussion with some well-informed participants (and some at the other end of the spectrum).

The basic problem is that college price increase have been enabled by a student loan bubble, which may finally be bursting (logically after the mortgage bubble burst), exacerbating endowment problems.

Mr. Reynolds reasonably claims that acquiring college loan debt is poor cost-benefit analysis if your degree does not historically lead directly into a well-paying career.  This offers no suggestions for how to deflate an economic bubble.  Perhaps the civilian corps programs will evolve into a way to work off college debt owed to the Federal government?

Locally, LCC's tuition per credit is tiny compared to at University of Oregon.  Many of my LCC students have college loans that are small and make sense considering how a two-year degree can help their income.

Humorously, Portland State University now encourages students to use food stamps.

Sadly, recent articles share tips for paying student loan while unemployed, and tuition may soon be taxed in Pittsburgh.

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