Thursday, June 03, 2010

Recent Social Networking for Local Parents

Last Summer I was worried about finding Smiley play dates for rainy days.  What would he and I do all day during the rainy Winter months?

It turned out to not be a problem.  We never got bored, even if we got a bit stir crazy on a handful of days.

About a year ago I had tried to find other local househusbands.  Smiley and I have really enjoyed the weekly story-and-song times at the Eugene Library, but that was the only regular development from those efforts.

I recently found two local parenting groups by focusing on homeschooling instead of toddler parenting: the Barnraisers and the Eugene Area Unschoolers.  I have no plans on homeschooling (in my mind, it makes sense to volunteer in public school classrooms so my time and energy help many more kids).  But for now I am "unschooling" Smiley since I am deliberately arranging his environment to help teach him many things, so these are sensible groups to join.

I also recently found a Facebook group that I expect would not welcome me.  As with many "parent" groups it is quite mom-centric--this time humorously so.

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