Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Big Histamine Day

Thursday evening, while doing some yard work, I disturbed a yellow jacket nest (that my wife and I did not previously know about) and was stung nine times.

Friday I needed to get my three allergy shots.

So Friday night I did not get much sleep. I was itchy and sore in a dozen places.

By the end of Saturday there is only mild itchiness remaining. I hope to sleep better tonight. (Smiley is teething. I did not really another thing keeping me from sleeping.)

On Friday I purchased more yellow jacket traps. Their packaging has a nice identification guide, the pictures of which the website does not show side by side. We have Western Yellow Jackets, further evidenced by the pattern near the eyes.

I have now been stung by some sort of bee (back in high school) and one type of yellow jacket. This puts me at a measly 2 on the Meta-Schmidt Sting Index counting how many types of hymenoptera someone has been stung by. But I'm not complaining.

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