Sunday, August 23, 2009


About two weeks ago we got a guinea pig.

We have been wanting a pet for a while. We like pets, and more animal dander in the house might help Smiley avoid developing allergies.

A guinea pig is a sensible choice. It can survive happily without us for a few days when we go camping, if we bring the plastic pool inside to use as a super-sized cage. Smiley is good about petting gently instead of squeezing, but it is nice to have a rodent big enough that it will not hurt it if Smiley gets too excited.

We asked Smiley to name it, since he was talkative the day we got it. Of the "words" he said that day the best name was Boo. So we decided our guinea pig is named Boo after the miniature giant space hamster (not the animated child or older fictional man).

We have some photos and video, but not yet processed. Soon!

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