Saturday, August 01, 2009

More Old School RPGs

This post is an update to another from a week ago, but it might turn out longer than the original.

It turns out that a company named Mythmere Games supports not only Labyrinth Lord (which I blogged about a week ago) but two other "clones" of older versions of D&D. Since I had recently read some interesting commentary about the White Box rules, I was happy to be able to download a copy.

The "clone" of the White Box rules stressed that having fewer rules than more recent RPGs allows for more narrative creativity. I found this amusing, since my RPG has even fewer rules. Certainly having too many rules can create humorous side-effects, such as Pun-Pun the ultimate Kobold.

Now we just need a "clone" of the old board game Warhammer Quest.

UPDATE: Ah, I'm apparently clueless about this "old school RPG" stuff. The Standard is something called OSRIC, available for free at that link as a 482-page PDF file.

UPDATE: A bunch of these old school rpgs are reviewed here.

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