Saturday, August 01, 2009

Goofy Musical

Last weekend my wife and I celebrated our anniversary by attending a performance of A Connecticut Yankee.

The music was catchy and performed superbly. The actors (all locals, most from U. of O. or LCC) were terrific. The show not only was humorous, it was often goofy.

Smiley is often silly, but he's never goofy. He is only just beginning to develop as part of his sense of humor the concept that once you know how something is supposed to work then you can purposefully do it differently to make someone laugh. (He will now laugh when I am goofy, for example if I put his sandals on his baby doll. But he does not initiate goofiness.)

I think I was running below my recommended daily allowance of goofy. It was nice to get replenished.

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