Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sansa Fuze with Rhythmbox

The default music player for Ubuntu is named Rhythmbox.

(There is a supposedly better one, named Amarok, but it does not like the sound card on my Acer Extensa 4620Z.)

Unfortunately, Rhythmbox has a few problems. Foremost is the the inability to display disc numbers when viewing lists of songs, which sometimes make creating a playlist from an audiobook a needlessly lage amount of work.

Also, Rhythmbox is famous for having problems with mp3 players.

Today I received my last of the year's birthday presents, a Sansa Fuze 4GB music player. It's nifty. But it does not play nice with Rhythmbox.

I have to add songs to the Fuze manually, using the file manager. This is only slightly slower, so I don't mind.

I also have to jump through some quick hoops when making a playlist on the Fuze. I found what to do here, but will retype it so I know I'll always have a copy.
1. Create a draft of the playlist in Rhythmbox

2. Alternate-click on the playlist in Rhythmbox and save it as a m3u file

3. Move the file to the appropriate Fuze directory (MUSIC, AUDIOBOOK, etc.) and then edit it with any text editor

4. Use Find and Replace to fix the file paths. (For example, remove "home/username/Music/genre/")

5. Use Find and Replace change all / symbols to \

6. Save the file
UPDATE: Photos and pictures are also easy to move to the Fuze with the file manager, but the Fuze will only display them if they are within a certain size limit. Video needs to be converted to a certain format: instructions are here. Instructions for Linux users updating the Sansa Fuze firmware are here.

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