Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fawn Noise

Part of being the parent of a sixteen-month-old is reading board books and making animal noises.

My turkey noise is dreadful.

On Monday, while on a walk, Smiley and I saw three does with young (two had one fawn, the third had two fawns). One of the fawns was slightly distressed because its mother had walked somewhat far away. It began making a soft, chirping noise almost like a bird call: eeywha, eeywha, eeywhar.

I don't think any of Smiley's board books have fawns. But if they did, I'd now know what noise they make.

Which is a lot nicer to blog about than the fact my front lawn has recently been teaching me to identify a deer's age from its fewmets.

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