Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Nice Companies

My laptop is an Acer Extensa 4620Z. The battery it came with is a lemon. I've had it less than a year. A couple months ago its ability to hold a charge started falling. Now it's down to 20% of the standard charge when full.

Acer's customer service phone number is 866-608-2237. When you call, after the brief recorded message about calls possibly being recorded a real person answers the phone.

On Friday I was told that Acer only knew the date in June 2008 that the retailer received the laptop. I would need to fax my sales receipt to Acer in order to prove that my one-year warranty was still valid. That was a reasonable request, and the fax was sent yesterday.

Today I called. Acer had already processed my fax so my warranty information was updated. The person answering the phone told me where to mail my broken battery; once received a replacement would be sent. (I could have used a potential credit card charge as collateral if I wanted to receive the replacement battery first.) Within a week, I should be all set.

My website hosting is done by WingSix. A couple years ago they were bought out by MidPhase. This caused a few problems, but these were sorted out once I talked to the MidPhase billing manager, Jasmine.

(After that merger I would recommend MidPhase, but not WingSix.)

I just noticed that annual domain name registration is less expensive at MidPhase, but my type of hosting plan is less expensive at WingSix.

So I called Jasmine to ask about switching my registrations to the parent company. She said it would be needless work to actually make that switch: easier for her to simply adjust my account to only play MidPhase prices for the annual domain registrations. Ta da!

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