Wednesday, August 19, 2009

About Two Churches

Recently a few friends have asked me where I have been going to worship after Sar Shalom ended.

I have not yet found another group to be my family's spiritual home. But there are two places I enjoy visiting.

The first is Calvary Fellowship, which is simply the closest church to my house. I take Smiley there most Sunday mornings so we can sing and dance together; I also like to support the neighborhood community. After about twenty minutes he is ready for something else. If there are lots of kids at the toddler room then he gets to enjoy being there while I return to the rest of the service. A few Summer weekends there have been very few other kids his age, at which point I've judged that a small amount of socializing for him is not worth the effort of de-glutening him when we return home.

The second place is the Church of God, Seventh Day. Most people have not heard of this denomination and confuse it with the Adventists. I enjoy their company and discussions, but usually need to leave between the sermon and the discussion because of Smiley's nap timing. If only that congregation was interested in celebrating the Tenach's appointed times, the local and currently drifting Messianic community could simply be there!

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