Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diggers and Board Books

Today was quite a day for Smiley.

Before leaving for this morning's errands he opened his room's casement window by himself for the first time. Previously he had worked the central latches or the lower knobs, but not coordinated them together.

During this morning's errands he fastened the chest piece plastic buckle on his car seat by himself for the first time.

After the errands he got to watch the local construction. Someone was moving large rocks and dirt with a Deere 160D. Apparently this kind of construction vehicle is now called an excavator, at least by John Deere.

When and where I was a kid, all the cool earth movers were either called front loaders or backhoes. Well, there were also bulldozers. But bulldozers were not as fancy or fun to watch. Bulldozers also behaved like the wallflowers at a high school dance: they only appeared to straighten up the place after the cool and exciting partying was done.

Smiley has several "my first words" type picture board books. All of them call construction vehicles "diggers". That really seems sloppy and wrong.

As long as I'm ranting about those picture books, two more bits...

First, all the "my first words" board books have photographs of furniture taken from adult height. True, little kids are carried around enough to know what a table and chair look like from five or six feet up. But someone should make a book where all the photographs are taken from only two feet up.

Second, for the sake of parental laughter someone should write the gourmet's version of the "kinds of animals" books. Wouldn't this make a great baby shower present for just about any parent-to-be?
This is a duck. "Quack," says the duck. Duck goes well with white wine.

This is a cow. "Moo," says the cow. Cows are nice with steak sauce.

This is a fish. "Splash," goes the fish. Fish is nice with fresh dill and other spices.

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