Friday, September 04, 2009

Tenth Ammendment Update

Back in March I blogged about political activity regarding the Tenth Amendment.

Oregon politicians continue to push for their state's Tenth Amendment rights, as local newspapers notice.

Earlier this year Senate Bill 536 countered the Real ID program.

Currently House Joint Memorial 17 is the state's most recent Tenth Amendment declaration.

I suppose the next step would be a "Firearms Freedom Act" similar to what has been passed or proposed in Tennesee, Minnesota, Montana, and South Carolina. (Comments for the previous link are here.)

In an unrelated note, the state has also sued Oppenheimer for mismanaging one of its college savings plans during a time of recognized economic risk.

Of what kind of neighbor does your state remind you?

UPDATE: In July TIAA-CREF was selected to replace Oppenheimer.

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