Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Personality Puzzles

Shamus has reviewed a computer game named The Path. I have been enjoying his reviews immensely, even though I have never played the game and have no plans to do so.

Part of my training for ministry work involved how to do pastoral counseling. A valuable skill is being able to discern people's unspoken needs, perspectives, and emotional baggage. As Shamus presented the six characters in the game I treated their stories as puzzles, but without the satisfaction of knowing if my interpretations were "correct". You can jump to my comments in Shamus's posts about Rose, Ruby, Ginger, or Carmen,

My only regret is that Shamus did not further develop the theme he introduced of "how scary and mysterious this adult world looked to my seven year old mind". Although I was not eager for the bountiful unstructured time of childhood to be replaced with the responsibilities of adulthood, I had no fears of adulthood and was intrigued.

Somewhat related, but involving real people, was a group discussion on Shamus's blog about celebrity appeal. I wrote some things about faith-based contentment being an antidote for paying attention to celebrities.

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