Friday, September 04, 2009

Tired Boy

Today had a busy morning.

A little after 10 am Smiley had a fun play date with his friend Liam, and I got to enjoy the company of Liam's father, my friend, Blake. The kids played together some and next to each other a lot, both inside and outside. The adults talked about how our kids and gardens are growing, what we are doing to prepare for our Fall term college teaching, this year's travels, and music.

The play date happened here, so that I could get chores done. My father and stepmother are arriving tomorrow for a visit. My chores include both cleaning and fruit processing. It was nice to have Blake's company as I got things done.

By 12:30 pm I had finished or started three loads of laundry, used the leaf blower on the deck and patio, cleaned Boo's cage, washed and put away dishes, swept the kitchen and dining room floors, cleaned the plastic mat under Smiley's high chair, washed the kitchen windows, put in the garage some random things that belonged there, processed four dehydrator trays of plums, watered the patio plants, and prepared Smiley's lunch.

But he was so tired after the play date! I checked on him before I made his lunch and he was playing in his room by rehearsing bedtime with book, stuffed animal, and binkey. Nothing odd there. But when I went back after making his lunch, he had fallen asleep under his crib, hugging the stuffed animals that live there.

Unfortunately it was a short nap. After 80 minutes, an unusually loud FedEx truck woke him up as it idled out front while delivering a package.

There are more chores to do, but with so much already done I should be able to finish even with Smiley awake.

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