Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hoist the Shofar

Today two holidays collided.

Sing with me, my laddies!
(the song repeats to the obvious melody until 100 shofar blasts are heard)
תקיעה שברים תרועי תקיעה
Yo, ho ho, ho! Tekee-ah! Shevareem!
Yo, ho ho, ho! Teroo-ah! Tekee-ah!

(shofar blasts: simple note, triple paired notes, nine higher notes, simple note)

תקיעה שברים תקיעה
Tekee-ah! Shevareem! Tekee-ah! Ahoy!

(shofar blasts: simple note, triple paired notes, simple note)

תקיעה תרועי תקיעה גדולה
Tekee-ah! Teroo-ah! Tekee-ah gadolah!

(shofar blasts: simple note, nine higher notes, simple note)

Story time!
Consider the parable of a pirate who was far away from his captain: a hundred leagues away.
His mates said to him, "Return to your captain."
He replied, "I cannot: I have not the strength."
Thereupon his captain sent word, saying to him, "Come as far as you can according to your strength, and I will go the rest of the way to meet you."
So the Holy One, blessed be He, says to his people, "Return to Me, and I will return to you." (Malachi 3:7)

Pirate Rabbati 44:9

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