Saturday, August 14, 2010

Combining Genres: Steampunk and Fairy Tale

I have been thinking about steampunk a bit lately, because of my RPG setting.

I specifically was wondering what else has been done with a setting that used both fairy tale and steampunk themes.  According to Google, not much.

The CG Society had a fun contest, with one entry I especially enjoyed.  Some people have had amazing costume parties.

A number of people have forced a steampunk theme onto established fairy tales.  I can't be the first person to be writing new stories that use both themes--but I can't easily find others who are doing so.

I appreciated a well-written article about why steampunk is a genre that is difficult to do well.  I hope my RPG setting that blends steampunk with fairy tale and wuxia themes avoids the problematic issues.

I found a nice desktop wallpaper, which I am using.  I stumbled upon some iPhone literature, which I can't use.

I also found an article with a video about a modern steam race car.

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