Saturday, August 28, 2010

August Firsts

This month has had a lot of "firsts" for Smiley.  Most are not developmental milestones, but just the first time we let him do something.

(In July I twice wrote about his firsts.  He continues to improve with the laptop touchpad, and can now play AlphaBricks by himself.)

On Friday the 13th he first pushed and steered an adult-sized shopping cart.  It was the smaller size cart of the two that Market of Choice uses, but it was still funny to watch since he had to look through the cart to steer, which limited our use of the cart to carry groceries.

The next day he was allowed to use scissors for the first time, and then in the afternoon learned to use the "stepping stones" at Skinner Butte park.  He had first tried these in late July.  But on August 14th he learned how to do these by himself.  First he learned not to hold my hand, but still needed me to push the next step closer to him.  Then he was able to do it independently.

The next day he held our guinea pig, Boo, by himself while in the back yard.

The next weekend he ate his first hot dog on Sunday, in front of the Eugene Jerry's Hardware store.  I had to get him a hot dog with no bun, or he would have only wanted the bread.

Then the next day, the 23rd, we needed something to do in the late afternoon on a hot day to avoid a too-short nap (that would have left him barely rested and still cranky, but also staying up late).  So I took him to Prince Puckler's and he ate his first ice cream sundae.  I should have brought the Flip, since it was very funny watching him eat such a treat while nearly falling asleep.

Later that Monday he did some interesting blending of themes with his pretending.  Using his play kitchen food and a ziploc bag he packed Mommy an "airplane lunch".  I'm not sure where he got that concept, since we sometimes talk about airplane travelers using suitcases but not packed lunches.

The next day he helped me marinate zucchini before grilling them.  He liked using the paintbrush and olive oil.

Friday his interest in Goliath returned with a surge of wanting to "fight", so I introduced him to using pipes outside to sword fight.  He's much to little for the Four Rules, so the game at this point is only hitting my pipe with his.

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