Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New to Southeast Eugene

My brother-in-law is now a neighbor!  One reason I have not been blogging regularly is that I was helping family with house shopping and setting up.

He has moved in, but is not yet settled.

To help him find a job, I recommended visiting the LCC Workforce Development Center, part of the Lane Workforce Partnership.  He also knows about the Register-Guard, Craigslist, and Monster.

Of course I've invited him to the weekly swing dancing my wife and I enjoy.  That's not free, but we'd pay for him.

Eugene's Park and Recreation Services posts an online calendar and newsletter.  Many free movies and concerts!

Our neighborhood's game store has two free weekly drop-in game times.  Tuesday nights after about 6pm are when people show up to play board games.  Wednesday nights at 7pm sharp have a more structured event: a 4e D&D encounter.

Supreme Bean has free live music weekly, Fridays from 6pm to 7:30pm.  Hideaway Bakery sometimes has events.

What other free and fun things are there in our corner of town?  Please help me brainstorm what I have forgotten!

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