Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cooking on the Deck

It's the hot part of summer time, so my wife and I are trying to do minimal baking and most of our cooking outside.

We did buy a hose that connects our grill's propane tank to our Coleman camping stove.  Now we can make pasta or curries outside without heating up the house, and without using up expensive camping-sized propane canisters.

We also ordered a griddle accessory for our Weber Q120 grill.  I'm looking forward next week to being able to make scones and cookies on the grill.

I debated trying to make cookies on the grill without the griddle, but decided to avoid experimentation.  Various websites offered a hodgepodge of advice (preheat to 325, use a silicon baking mat, halve the cooking time, try raising the cookie sheet on small bricks if the bottoms burn) that sounded more like kludges than a starting plan.

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