Saturday, August 14, 2010


In early June I started using Google Analytics on my website and blog.

Naturally, the website's most visited page is my role-playing game.  I mention it in my blog and in early July publicized it in several other places online.  By now the artificial spike in people visiting my website because of those early July efforts has faded away and I can look at "normal" behavior.

Chris's list of free RPGs continues to generate more than half my visiting traffic.  During the past thirty days 31 visits to my website have lasted more than 10 minutes, and I've had 189 return visitors.  So about one person per day "discovers" my role-playing game (usually because of Chris) and likes it a fair amount.  That is fun to know.

Most surprisingly to me, only 21 out of 858 visits came from search engines.  I erroneously expected my list of gluten-free recipes would create more search engine results.  There are a sizable number of famous gluten-free bloggers; they must be totally eclipsing my recipes.

In contrast to my website, my blog had 810 visits, 225 from search engines and without a dominant searched phrase.  That does not surprise me, since I blog about such random thing.  There were 16 visits of 10 minutes or more, and 142 return visitors.  There were 72 visitors that returned 26 or more times: my "regular readers" that are not using feed readers.

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