Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amusingly Unpopular

Heh.  Facebook has a page for people interested in pencil-and-paper role-playing games.  Currently there only 14 people who are fans.  I am reminded of the famous nerd venn diagram, although I know that low number really only means that such gamers have many social networks besides Facebook.


Jonathan Lovelace said...

I suspect that's only one of many pages for such people; when Facebook converted the Interests and Activities profile sections to "like"ing Pages I'm fairly certain it ended up with multiple entries for each interest or activity, and some overlap due to similar names for different activities. This variety of Pages for one thing would tend to reduce each Page's fan count.

And then there's the (probably not many) people like me, who deliberately avoid "like"ing things on Facebook whether we're fans of them or not. In my case, it's because "I like this" gets interpreted as "I want to see anything that this Page's administrator posts," which is usually not the case.

David V.S. said...

That makes sense, Jonathan.

I'm also someone who avoids "liking" anything. Not that I might see what the page's administrator posts (since I only go to Facebook through the link to Friends->StatusUpdates), but because I can recommend pages to friends more strongly if I only "like" six.