Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guild Wars 2

Many years ago I played Guild Wars as my first MMORPG.  I enjoyed it a lot, mostly due to the friendly people in my now-vanished guild.  Well, I enjoyed it except for a repetitive part soon after you first enter a snowy region, and that jungle where too many spiders dropped out of trees.

I still admire ArenaNet for producing such a great entertainment deal.  Guild Wars has no monthly fee.  I got far more hours from purchasing that game than any other computer game since Magic Candle.  If I still had a computer that would run Guild Wars, I could still play it as much as I want.

Thanks to Shamus, I know that Guild Wars 2 is coming out soon and will again be different from other games.

There were five years between the release of Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.  In four or five years Smiley will be ready for his first MMORPG.  I wonder if it will be Guild Wars 2?

(Since he cannot reliably move the mouse where he wants, he is not yet able to enjoy even Orisinal.)

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