Sunday, August 06, 2006

August's War

People have been asking me what I think about the current Israeli war.

First I'll share some links:
  • Pajamas Media compiles articles from all over the internet.
  • Vital Perspective has interesting summaries.
  • Arutz Sheva has a strong anti-appeasement bias but a website that is easier to navigate than the Jerusalem Post.
  • InfoLive has live television from Jerusalem, for those who speak modern Israeli Hebrew.
  • You can write to your senators and urge them to support doing what is right.
Second, some comments:
  • Lebanon is a no-win situation. In the past 10 years is has been abandoned by Israel and neglected by the U.N. The peaceful part of its population was unable to evict Hezbollah and is now unable to flee to safety.
  • This war is not a case of two democracies going to war. Lebanon is not a democracy: just look at who has been in charge since the kidnapping.
  • All countries agree that Israel entered the war in self-defense. This means Israel may keep any territory it acquires. Thus in their support of Hizbollah, Syria (near) is being very quiet while Iran (farther) is speaking loudly.
  • Israel has the right to self-defense. And a right to self-defense that does not include the military occasionally killing civilians or making other mistakes is not actually a right to self-defense; governments do make mistakes (and fall into traps?)
  • It would be proper and helpful for Israel (and the U.S.) to help with rebuilding Lebanon
  • Attacking cities should always be a last resort. But Hezbollah has no military strategy to disrupt; they just have a media strategy and lots of ball bearing filled rockets.
  • Israeli soldiers are being incredibly brave. Especially considering Israel not send in any ground troops, and do to Iran what Iran is threatening to do to Israel.
  • This is not the prophetic battle of Gog and Magog described in Ezekiel 38-39. That happens after Yeshua's return.
Third, a general theme that is especially timely to share this weekend (of Shabbat Nachum). The time for peace is in the "latter days" and has not yet come. The time for comfort began with the announcement of the Messiah's first arrival. Adonai is currently empowering his people to bring comfort, not peace. This is true interpersonally and also politically.